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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I use the timeline?

A. Watch our tutorial video above.

Q. Why is the program so tiny on my phone?

A. This program is best viewed on a large screen in desktop mode. We recommend viewing the timeline on a computer. If on your phone put in "desktop site" and turn to horizontal/landscape orientation. 

Q. How come there are missing events and stories?

A. This is an ongoing project that will take time to fully complete recording past events and stories. Current and upcoming events will be recorded as they happen.

Q. Can I help work on the Sussex Timeline Project?

A. Yes! We need more people to join the team and help get all events recorded. Visit the contribute page  to learn how to sign up.

What is your soft launch?

A. Sussex Timeline is soft launching the beta version of our timeline program. This project has been months in the making and will continue to be under development as our team members work to complete adding more stories and historical data. During this period we encourage visitors to browse the program.

Q. When is the grand opening of this project?

A. Our grand opening and full project launch will be when we complete recording majority of past events or late 2022, whichever comes first.

Media Policy

Q. I'm a journalist and would like to feature this program on my media platform?

A. This project is in beta mode and is not available for media or press coverage. Our program and images/videos of our program are copyrighted. No media outlet, journalist, or social media content generated platform has permission to write about, screenshot, publish, or share Sussex Timeline content. If you are a media person and want to contact us, do so during our grand opening.

Media Policy

How to Explore the Timeline:


  • Move throughout the years by dragging the bottom bar side to side.

  • Click the white little wrench setting button on the bottom right hand corner to change the view, zoom in, and play with the settings.

  • There you can use the search feature

  • Select certain categories if for example you only wanna see Meghan's timeline highlight her categories "Meghan Markle" & "Meghan, Duchess of Sussex"

  • To view the timeline in 3D mode, similar to the Star Wars opening credits style, click the white 3D button on the lower left hand corner.

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